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Camelot Private Security, Inc.
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Camelot Private Security, Inc.
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Tuesday, January 19, 2021  

Property Protection
We provide high-quality onsite security services for your residential, commercial, or industrial locations. Camelot Private Security, Inc. understands the particular needs building security demands, including management of sophisticated electronic monitoring systems such as IRIMS (incident report and passage point/visitors management software).

Our location security services include protection for:

  • Single family homes, residential complexes, and gated communities
  • Commercial and industrial properties, such as:
    • Law firms
    • Property management firms
    • Major retailors
    • Hi-tech firms
    • Movie Theaters
  • High rise building security, including:
    • Lobby security
    • Security protocols
    • Reception desk management
    • Tenant/visitor access
    • Monitoring security technology, i.e., video cameras, monitors, etc.
    • Incident and emergency management
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